Fiend’s ethos is live, it is a living model and aims to adapt where it lets down; imperfect and always in flux.

Sitting atop our podium of values is inclusivity. At Fiend, we recognise that such terms, of inclusivity and diversity, frequently become blanket phrases to suggest accountability whilst evading real action - we intend to do all we can to avoid settling into complacency and to continuously attain genuine inclusivity.

For us, that means accessibility, representation, and to listen.

As we open, our starting line-up of publications has come from distributors local and international, though predominantly from creators locally known to us. This line-up is in no way exhaustive of what we intend to showcase in regards to representation, genre, style and form, and we recognise it is imperfect. The wheels are and continue to be in motion to be better, and we aim to be consciously inclusive whilst steering clear of box-ticking; that means we are selecting publications with integrity towards what Fiend intend’s to showcase whilst also being critical of the ways in which we are sourcing these publications and both who we are representing and the way we are in doing such, as well as selecting publications that align with our values.  

From our opening onwards, we also maintain an open submission policy. We believe this places value upon and power into the hands of people representing themselves and their communities independently through the works they create, and deeply embeds inclusivity and accessibility in itself. It does not represent the tastes of one group. It sustains and encourages the practice of creators. 

At Fiend, we believe in the power of reading. It is an indispensable means by which to self-educate, to build empathy, to deepen yourself. Because of this, 10% of every month’s profits are dedicated to the 100 Story Building - a not-for-profit organisation working with children from marginalised communities to help build literacy skills, foster imagination and confidence, and build a sense of belonging predominantly through story-telling.

Fiend will not tolerate racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism or classism. We are against it, we will under no circumstances stock any material, author, artist or otherwise that upholds systems of violence, oppression or hate. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which Fiend operates, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, standing in solidarity with the need for change across not only cultural production but everyday life, and support the decolonization of the arts, education and our culture. Because of such, we pay the rent - 10% of monthly profits are dedicated towards Pay the Rent.  As an entity run at current by white people we recognise the dominance of whiteness in the arts and that this includes ourselves, and we acknowledge the often unchecked privilege that comes alongside the endeavoring of projects such as Fiend; and through both Fiend and our daily actions we hope to dismantle these. We will make mistakes, but we will learn, unlearn and relearn.

Fiend’s ethos is live, it is a living model and aims to adapt where it lets down; imperfect and always in flux.